"Unwinds didn't go out with a bang-they didn't even go out with a whimper. They went out with the silence of

a candle flame pinched between two fingers."

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- Unwind-

By Neal Shusterman

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Reading Schedule:
Day 1: pg. 1-50

Day 2: pg. 53-117

Day 3: pg. 121- 153

Day 4: pg. 157- 194

Day 5: pg. 197- 261

Day 6: pg. 265- 335

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Setting-time, place:

The book is set in a near future America after a second civil war has been fought over abortion. At the start of the book there is no reference to where exactly they are in the States however further into the book they move to Arizona.

Character List:

Connor Lassiter (the "Akron AWOL"): Doesn’t think things through “It had been so stupid to leave his cellphone on-that’s how they tracked him”

Risa Ward: Distrustful on the outside, but emotional and caring on the inside. Strong “Risa fixes her eyes on the front door of the bus, holds her breath, and aces towards the door.”

Levi "Lev" Calder:Smart “ He realizes that he can use the entire situation to his advantage.” Religious excited about being unwound since he is a tithe.
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Mood and Environment:

The mood of Unwind can be explained in a few words. At the beginning it is controversial, gloomy, sympathy inducing, then as the story moves on to other characters, it morphs into into angering, surprising, depressing, happy, hopeful, and determination. Each mood and feelings pass over all the characters as the story is told and the reason for which they are pronounced unwinds and revealed.

The environment of the book is tense at the moment. The city where they are has dense forests and does not seem to have lots of mountains.

Discussion Prompt 1:

As a group- Do some research and post your findings about each of the following

1. In the United States, who helped slaves escape before they were free and how did this system work? What were the risks?
Usually whites with generosity helped the slaves, hispanics, blacks, and others escape because the whites were the ones with power. They were the ones who were looked upon like equals. Well, they basically risked everything. Their home, their money, their family, even their freedom

2. In Nazi Germany, who helped Jews escape and what were the risks? Look up Oskar Schlindler, Raoul Wallenberg, and Chiune Sugihara and discuss their contributions.
Oskar Schlindler saved almost 1,200 jews, and was able to help jews by employing them to work in his ammunitions factory. Raoul Wallenberg was able to help jews by providing them with fake passports. Eventually, he died. Chiune Sugihara was a japanese man, who helped the jews by providing them with passports, and helping over 6,000 jews enter japan, while he risked his life and his families.

3. As a group discuss: Would you ever take the chances they did? Support your answer.
We think that we wouldn't take the risk that they did, if we still had families. We would do this because we wouldn't want our families to get hurt. But if we didn't have a family, then yes, we think we would do it.

4. The novel takes place after the “Second Civil War.” The real Civil War was fought, primarily, over the issue of slavery. Learn about recent civil wars in other countries, such as Rwanda and Sudan. What issues have they been fought over?
The civil war in Rwanda was because of the two different groups. The Hutu's, and the Tutsis. These groups were separated by ethnicity.

5. In your group, discuss the idea of a Second Civil War in the United States, and what it might be fought over. Do you think it could happen here?
We believe that there could be a second civil war. This is because of the different opinions of the democrats and the republicans. Since there is such tension between them, a war might arise. Like how there was a civil war in Unwind. One issue or conflict, one opinion, can create a civil war, so yes, we do think there could be another civil war.

As an individual: Respond to each question above and write your own response under Discussion 1. Pay attention to conventions, organization, and ideas and content.THEN: Read and comment on your other group's posts.

Source: http://montycores.wikispaces.com/Unwind

Discussion Prompt 2- Group

  1. Compare and contrast Lev’s experience with those of Risa and Connor. B. What are the differences between Marcus’s, Lev’s parents, and Pastor Dan’s attitudes toward Lev’s tithing?
  2. a) Lev has had an easier life than Risa and Connor. Connor has loved his parents, but not gotten along with them all the time, but Risa has lived in a place called StaHo. Which is a place for kids who have no parents, like an orphanage. But Lev has always has the good life, being wealthy, and he was actually looking forward to being unwinded.
    b) Marcus thought that the whole thing was evil. He thought that being a tithe was commiting suicide. And in a way, it is. His parents wanted to go through with it because they are strictly religious. And I guess Pastor Dan loved him too much to let him go, so he told him the one thing that would keep him alive. Run.

  3. . This book is obviously organized around separate points of view. Do you like this type of telling? Why or why not? B. Do you agree with Connor’s last statement, “ Whatever you’re running from, you won’t get away unless we work together.” What are the strengths and weaknesses of this argument?
  4. a) I actually really like the style in which the book is written. I like how every point of view is written, because it interests me.
    b) I do agree with this statement because it’s true. Lev needs them because he needs to stay alive, Risa needs them because she needs Connor’s reflexes, and They need Risa because she’s smart.

  5. At the beginning of Part Two, there are two quotes. Which do you agree with and why? How does it relate to the Bill of Life at the beginning of Part One?
  6. I like Nurse Greta’s quote better: “You can’t change laws without first changing human nature.” This is true because you can’t. Human’s are stubborn, and in order for them to change the law, they need to change the way they think.
  7. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Storking Initiative?
  8. Well, because taking the storked baby, they were able to blend in more with the crowd. But that took them to a certain point, in which the baby began to be a burden.
  9. Which is worse…”To have tens of thousands of babies that no one wanted, or to silently make them go away before they were even born.” Risa doesn’t have an answer. What is your choice and why did you make it? B. Connor doesn’t think taking the baby was all that bad; Risa may think differently. Looking back on all they have gone through in Part Two, what were the advantages and disadvantages of Connor’s impulsive baby snatching?
  10. a) I think it is better to have tens of thousands of babies, but instead of being unwanted, being wanted. If the mothers have chosen to get pregnant, then that was their choice, and it is their responsibility to take care of it.
    b) Well again, it was good to snatch the baby at first because they were able to blend in with the crowd more, but once the police had a description, with the baby in it, it became a burden.

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